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Carrie Z. – Box Office Manager

The glue that keeps everything running, from website and ticketing, to booking live music in the lounge. When not working, you can find her helping organize the Common Roots Festival or drawing mandalas.
Favorite Drink: Pretty much anything as long as it’s cold.

Chase Heck – Veranda Manager

Our resident mixologist, Chase can be found crafting amazing cocktails from the traditional to the avant-garde, he can mix something amazing to suit just your tastes. He enjoys any opportunity to create something new, so just ask! Congratulations to Chase on being named the 2018 Iron Bartender Champion!

Tom Howard – Box Office

Actor, Writer, Comedian, and box office attendant. Tom works shows between working as a jack of all trades.

Max Kaping – Veranda Staff

With a smile and a laugh, Max has become a familiar face at the Veranda over the last 3 years. Working his way from Bar back to Bartender, he specializes in ……

Favorite drink:

Stef N. – Veranda Staff

Our resident drink sling-er, Stef can be found making those amazing fresh fruit Mojitos, and other crazy concoctions behind the bar. She also enjoys creating a drink based on your tastes, so just ask!

Alex & Kram – Veranda Staff

Resident Bad Bois. Day Man and Night Man, Masters of Karate, and friendship for everyone.