Fabulous Armadillos

Fabulous Armadillos Are Back!

The Fabulous Armadillos return to Pioneer Place

We are announcing our 2021-2022 SEASON and even if you don’t have SEASON TICKETS, you can still get SINGLE TICKETS to the shows at Pioneer Place On Fifth Theater. Tickets will go on sale publicly (for non-season ticket holders) for our first theme show on Tuesday, October 12th at 10am. If you have questions regarding season tickets at Pioneer Place On Fifth please email the box office.

Purchase Single Tickets starting on Tuesday, October 12th at 10am.

Dillos infront of PP5 by Steve Diamond

2021/2022 Themes

Billy’s Pick: It’s All About Billy

Billy Scherer joined the Fabulous Armadillos with his first theme show in May of 2007 entitled “Psychedelic Rock” and hundreds of performances later, he is still here with us singing as ONLY Billy Scherer can! We ALL love Billy and his sense of humor, his talent, and most importantly as the friend, he has been to all of us all these years. Billy had a resurgence in his career with the Fabulous Armadillos many years after retiring in the ’80s to raise his children. He has now decided to retire again….but you can still find him in our “Takin’ It To The Limit: Eagles Tribute” shows, our “What’s Going On: Songs From The Vietnam War” shows, and possibly some future Party Band and theme shows down the line as well. His door is ALWAYS open! So, we all thought the best way to celebrate Billy was by dedicating a theme to him. We had BILLY pick ALL the songs and ALL the guests and let him pick his own “theme” show. Lots of history there with all of us, and literally 1000’s of songs we have done together to pick from. It’s gonna be a trip down memory lane with the one and ONLY Billy Scherer and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate that! Join us for “Billy’s Pick: It’s All About Billy”.



All In The Family

There is something special about families singing together. Whether they are married or brother and sister, there is undefined magic that happens. Many of those songs are now timeless classics or soon-to-be. We have put together a list of our favorites with many special guests. Think of songs by The Allman Brothers, Heart, The Jackson 5, Captain and Tenille, The Beach Boys, Styx, Toto, Oasis, Van Halen, The Carpenters, The Bee Gees…the list goes on and on. So, we packaged ‘em all up in one show and bringing you ALL IN THE FAMILY! Bring the family, bring your brother and sister, or maybe even that one crazy Uncle, and enjoy a real “family style” show with the Fabulous Armadillos.



From The Grave VI: Songs From Those Who Have Passed On

This is the Fabulous Armadillos’ sixth installment of the “From The Grave” series since 2006. Unfortunately, we lost many more of our greats over the last few years and months since the last “From The Grave” themed show in 2018. Featuring songs from artists who have passed on and left us with their music which lives forever in all of us. Artists we’ve lost more recently in 2020 and 2021: Charlie Watts (Rolling Stones), Don Everly (Everly Brothers), Dusty Hill (ZZ Top), B.J. Thomas, Mary Wilson (The Supremes) as well as those who left us many years go are featured in this show. A light-hearted look back over many years and many genres of music. You never know which stone they will turn, which song they will resurrect, which artist they will breathe new life into. Keeping these musical legends alive, the Fabulous Armadillos welcome back the ghosts of our musical past in “From The Grave VI: Songs From Those Who Have Passed On”.



The Best From A to Z: 26 Letters, 26 Songs, 26 Bands/Artists/Groups

“The Best From A to Z: 26 Letters, 26 Songs, 26 Bands / Artists / Groups”. Over the years, when people ask what kind of music the Fabulous Armadillos perform, the answer is usually something like… “Everything from A to Z”. Now, they can honestly say that is completely true, as they will be using the alphabet as their guide and playing 26 songs from 26 different bands, artists, or groups whose name starts with each LETTER of the alphabet. From A – AC/DC, or ABBA, or Aerosmith to B – Beatles, Beach Boys, Boston to C – Cheap Trick, CCR, or Carly Simon. Who knows which way they will go…but you know there will be a little something for everyone. They are picking 26 of their favorites from A to Z and you’ll get to enjoy the ride with them. Can you guess the bands, artists, or groups they will be playing? Pick your favorites and play along with the Fabulous Armadillos as they play it all from A to Z!