Fabulous Armadillos

Fabulous Armadillos Will Be Back!

The Fabulous Armadillos will return to Pioneer Place

Due to COVID, the 2019-2020 Fabulous Armadillos season has been postponed. The remaining show dates will be rescheduled as soon as it is safe to host the show at 100% capacity.

The 2021-2022 Season will also be announced/scheduled as soon as it is safe to host shows at 100% capacity and the previous season has been completed.

Thanks for your patience and understanding! We can’t wait to get back on stage!

Dillos infront of PP5 by Steve Diamond

2019 Themes

What’s Going On: Songs From The Vietnam War Era

“What’s Going On: Songs From The Vietnam War Era” is a moving concert experience that incorporates live music, live narration and video to provide the audience a multi-media deep dive into the 60’s and early 70’s and of course, the Vietnam War. Through song and imagery this concert examines the tumultuous time period, but concludes on a note of hope and inspiration for a better tomorrow. As one Vietnam Veteran narrates during the show, “When we think of our divisions today, they pale in comparison to how badly we were divided back then”. A must-see Fabulous Armadillos production!



To The Nines: Songs From 1959, 1969, 1979 and 1989

“To The Nines: Songs From 1959,1969,1979 and 1989”. The Fabulous Armadillos playing songs from four different decades by the artists and bands that defined each year. If you saw their “Lucky Sevens” or “Crazy Eights” shows, you know what you are in for! They will take each decade (ending in a 9) and take a look back on what illustrates each year with their fun videos and songs as they progress through the different eras. This theme concept is a fan favorite and a favorite of the bands as well. Enjoy a unique trip through a 30 year window of time focusing on four individual years as the Fabulous Armadillos and their special guests go To The Nines!



20/20 Vision: Eye Tunes Through The Decades

“20/20 Vision: Eye Tunes Through The Decades”. The Fabulous Armadillos are having some fun with the year 2020 and yes…“eye” tunes! Very punny. Think about songs over the years you know and love written about our eyes. There are literally hundreds of songs on the subject from many genres of music. Of course, with one of the Fabulous Armadillos singers (Billy Scherer) being blind, there are many opportunities for his quick wit as well. If you’ve ever seen a Dillos show, you know Bill’s sense of humor and ability to “see” is better than most of ours with 20/20 vision! We’ll get you started on what that songlist MAY look like…songs like: I Can See Clearly Now (Johnny Nash), Doctor My Eyes (Jackson Browne), Eye Of The Tiger (Survivor), These Eyes (Guess Who), Betty Davis Eyes (Kim Carnes) and so many more! The “eyes” have it in 2020 and the Fabulous Armadillos and their special guests “look” forward to “seeing” you all there!



The Best From A to Z: 26 Letters, 26 Songs, 26 Bands/Artists/Groups

“The Best From A to Z: 26 Letters, 26 Songs, 26 Bands / Artists / Groups”. Over the years, when people ask what kind of music the Fabulous Armadillos perform, the answer is usually something like… “Everything from A to Z”. Now, they can honestly say that is completely true, as they will be using the alphabet as their guide and playing 26 songs from 26 different bands, artists or groups whose name starts with each LETTER of the alphabet. From A – AC/DC, or ABBA, or Aerosmith to B – Beatles, or Beach Boys, or Boston to C – Cheap Trick, or CCR, or Carly Simon. Who knows which way they will go…but you know there will be a little something for everyone. They are picking 26 of their favorites from A to Z and you’ll get to enjoy the ride with them. Can you guess the bands, artists or groups they will be playing? Pick your favorites and play along with the Fabulous Armadillos as they play it all from A to Z!