Justin Ploof

Saturday, August 5th , 9pm-12am
Veranda Lounge


Justin Ploof

Singer song-writer Justin Ploof (A.K.A. Justin McGuinn) began making a name for himself in St. Cloud Minnesota as a young teenager.  Inspired by a family of musicians, he joined forces with his older brothers and fronted the popular Minnesota based band “RoGeR” at the ripe age of 17.  The band of brothers quickly grew in popularity and found themselves winning over large audiences throughout the Midwest, New York and Los Angeles.  Before the band dissolved in 2006, RoGer saw the release of 2 albums and the maturation of younger brother Justin.
Armed with Iconic influences such as The Beatles, The Beach Boys and The Byrds, Ploof quickly embarked on a solo career under the pseudonym Justin McGuinn.  His soaring vocal range and soulful tone combined with intimate and often times inspirational lyrics truly define him as an artist.  Justin has shared the stage with Bobby Vee, Willy Wisely, Joan Jett, Martin Zellar, The Honey Dogs and Soul Asylum and the resume continues to grow.  He currently fronts the popular Minneapolis based band Sell Out Stereo and teamed up with Casey Smith of KnottBrite studios and Jason Ploof of Spectrasonic Productions on his highly anticipated December 1st, 2012 release, “Love Like A Hurricane” album.  Ploof is also the frontman and creature of the “Rockumentary” series held by Justin Ploof and The Throwbacks.



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