Wednesday, May 17, 7:30 PM
Main Stage
$12 Advance, $15 Door



KVSC 88.1 FM in partnership with the Pioneer Place on Fifth is so proud to present season FIVE of the Granite City Radio Theatre.  This live radio show will be broadcast live on KVSC 88.1 FM from the historic Pioneer Place on Fifth Theatre in front of a live audience.  Granite City Radio Theatre will be tipping its hat to everything Central Minnesota has to offer and then some. Comprised of a radio drama serial, live music, and various comedic sketches in-between, local professionals and students will be putting their best foot forward in this production that is sure to take the Granite City by storm.

We are happy to welcome back all your favorite aspects of the show! Collective Unconscious will continue to serve as the house band under the direction of Muggsy Lauer, with new special musical guests each show.  Join host, Jay Terry, and his team performers as they pick fun at all things Central Minnesotan.  You’ll continue to laugh with Dan Barth and his trivia competition, and of course, one of the main staples of the show will return as Eric Webster and his team will be back performing all new Shades Brigade serial dramas!

Get you season tickets NOW for just $40 (a savings of $5 per show off the door price).  You will receive the same seats for all four shows and save money!

Each show will begin at 7:30pm, and we kindly ask that you stay in your seat once the ON-AIR sign is up, or wait to return to your seat until the next commercial break. Feel free to applaud, laugh at appropriate times, and there will be commercial breaks in which you can get up and visit the restrooms or refresh your drink.


Special Musical Guest: John Munson


John Munson is a native Minnesota musician and an original member of Trip Shakespeare during the late 1980s and early 1990s. When Trip Shakespeare dissolved, Munson and fellow band member Dan Wilson—formed a new band called Pleasure with Jacob Slichter, which later became Semisonic, and charted monster hits like Closing Time and Secret Smile.

Currently Munson is working on several different projects, including working with former Trip Shakespeare mate Matt Wilson on new songs as The Flops and later The Twilight Hours, and also on the New Standards, a band that plays covers of a wide variety of music in a jazz format. Other members of the New Standards include Chan Poling (formerly of Minneapolis dance pop band the Suburbs) and Steve Roehm.