Common Roots Fest 2017

August 17 - 19, 5pm
Main Stage and Veranda Lounge
Free, Donate $20 - get a button!


Common Roots Fest 2017

Pioneer Place and the Veranda Lounge are PROUD to be a part of the


Thursday – Saturday, August 17, 18, & 19, 2017

An entire weekend filled with amazing live music and art on 5th Ave and West St. Germain St.

While this fest is FREE to attend, it is not free to put on. We are offering buttons for sale for $20. Buy a button and get discounts from July 19th – August 19th at various downtown locations. You can choose to pick up your button at the theatre ($20), or have your button mailed to you (+$3 shipping).

CommonRoots button filled

Check out or for more information about specials, schedules, t-shirts and more!


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Get your t-shirt via the “buy tickets” link, or in person at Pioneer Place on 5th or Uff-Da Records on 33rd Ave.
A limited number of shirts were ordered, so get yours before they’re gone.
There is a $3 shipping fee on all online t-shirt orders.

All proceeds go to support the artists performing during the Common Roots Fest.

What is Common Roots Fest??  Read below to find out how this festival came to be.

Do you know what the best part of a conversation that strikes a community chord is? 

When hundreds of conversations about a shared love for local artists, musicians, and businesses starts sounding like music to your ears; when people start talking about what we have in common here in our tiny corner of the world we call Central Minnesota. 

That conversation has since turned into the Central Minnesota Common Roots Festival, a three-day showcase of our grassroots talent supporting the local venues, theaters, restaurants and businesses we love during the massive street construction of historic 5th Ave in downtown Saint Cloud.

Let’s be honest folks, the construction downtown is needed. Those pipes under the streets are from the 1920’s and probably felt the feet of Al Capone. This is also the first phase of an entire downtown revitalization, and once the project is finished its going to be prettier than a polished agate off the banks of the Mississippi.

But through all that jackhammering and foundation smashing, we want to invite the entire state to come down and support our local artists, musicians, and performers who are proud of the places that help us make our music and our art.

It’s our first year, and we are hoping this festival will spread from the streets of downtown Saint Cloud into all the gems that make up the Tri-County.