American Feedbag

Saturday, February 4th, 9pm-12am
In The Lounge


American Feedbag

Jake and Kris met in the Twin Cities while playing for the outlaw country band The Reverb Country Dusters. After Kris moved to Madison, he was no longer able to play with the group, but he and Jake continued to get together to play and write original Americana music. Though both approach song writing differently, the collaborations between the two result in a blend of American roots music that defies musical genres and breaks the mold of the standard singer/songwriter formula.

Playing acoustic instruments as well as electric bass and piano allows the duo to draw on several different influences and provide a full bodied sound in the live setting. Ranging from folk/country/bluegrass to old timey jazz and American standards, American Feedbag are able to nourish the masses hungry for fresh original music while providing melodies and lyrics adding to the great American song book.

American Feedbag have played a variety of venues throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin and plan to continue spreading their music to further regions of the country.

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